iXpand is the one thing an iPhone always, sorely missed

iXpand your horizons!

Think about it. Technology is best consumed when it is simple to work with. Like a television set, you install, sink into the couch with your remote and flick through the channels. However when it comes to Apple products, things aren't exactly so simple.

Thanks to its closed circuit ecosystem, new users have popped a nerve or two trying to copy video or audio files to their new iPhones. All the while, as your friend is simply able to connect her / his Android smartphone to a PC or a Mac and drag and drop files without a fuss. Things get even more frustrating when you see Android smartphone users expand their phone's storage to humongous proportions by simply inserting a microSD card in to the expandable memory slot. Insert sad smiley here for iPhone users.

I have personally felt the pain and i won't even mention the fact that you could buy an OTG drive, plonk it in to your OnePlus One, Moto X, Galaxy S and so on and play files off it, thereby destroying that last bit of parched solace from the face of your iPhone-totting friend.

help is here

Sandisk is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to storage products. And their new product is aimed to put iPhone users frothing for more storage space, out of their misery. Not just that their new flash drive for the iPhone will let you play media files of any format without begging for the blessings of iTunes. 

Say hello to iXpand flash drive, offered in a extremely quality finish and high build, it is a USB and a 'Lightning Connector' sporting manna from the heavens for iUsers! You can plug it straight in to your iPhone 6, iPad Air and play videos and songs in every single popular format available today. As you plug the drive in, it will ask you to download the Sandisk iXpand Sync app, which in itself gets the job done in the most intuitive and simple manner. It's no nonsense approach to let you copy, move, play, edit files is an absolute joy.

'made for apple'

What's also impressive is that SanDisk is a 'Made for Apple' product. Which means it doesn't bypass any rules laid down by Apple nor does it interfere with iTunes in anyway. It simple lets you do all the things that Apple should have let you years ago.

You can pick up the iXpand from amazon.in in capacities ranging between 16 - 128GB with prices starting from 4490(16GB) - 11,490 (128GB).