Google updates Translate app to include Word Lens' magical instant translation powers

Never worry about being insulted in a foreign language again

Google has just updated, and will subsequently begin rolling out, a major update to its Translate app.

The latest update will include Word Lens, an app that Google purchased last year. This will now allow you to instantly translate text by just hovering your camera over it. And the best part is, Google says you don't need to have an internet connection.

This instant translating method is currently available from English to and from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. More languages are expected to be added in due course. You're still able to take a photo of some text and translate into 36 different languages.

Google will also allow you to have easier conversations with your foreign friends (or foes). Simply tap the mic, speak and tap the mic again and the app will recognise which language is being spoken. It will then translate whatever you've said into your chosen language.

So now you can confidently say to your French waiter "ne pas cracher dans ma nourriture parce que je suis Anglais".

The updates are expected to roll out to both Android and iOS devices over the next few days. 

Download Google Translate from the Play Store

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