Go biking and go green with the Tork T6X electric bike

Ride the lightning (in a good way, of course) as you save the planet

Mother Earth’s in trouble and our cities are shrouded in a noxious cloud of smoke? Time to suit up and save the planet. Or you could just get the T6X electric bike.

Petrolheads, bikers, car nuts - we’ve all got a bad reputation these days. So perhaps it’s time to salvage that by going green in the best way possible. No, we aren’t asking you to walk to work or, shudder, take public transport. What you need is a bike that looks good and saves the planet while you go around doing whatever it is you do.



The T6X might be the answer to our prayers. It looks suitably futuristic, and it’s packed with Tron-ish bits: There’s a 6kW motor that can give you a 100kmph top speed, its lithium-ion battery can be charged to 80% in an hour, it’s got a 100km range and there’s a touchscreen console (with sat-nav). You also get anti-theft tech and geo-fencing alerts. The best way to go green, we say.

Save up ₹1,24,999 and it’s yours. Meanwhile, head to Tork Motorcycle’s website to learn more.