Get reddy: DJI ushers in Chinese New Year with vibrant Phantom 4 drone

It’s about to be the Year of the Rooster, so is this a quadcopter or a quadcockrel?

Happy new year!

Hold on a sec – it’s not the new year just yet if you’re going by the Chinese calendar. That arrives on 28 January, and this year it’s being accompanied by a new quadcopter drone from DJI. Which is, of course, a Chinese company.

So I’ve just learned that we’re transitioning from the Year of the Fire Monkey to the Year of the Rooster. Has DJI painted a big male chicken on its drone?

Not at all. In fact Martin Sati’s design for the drone – which is internally the exact same Phantom 4 to which we awarded five stars in our review last year – prominently features an altogether different breed of feathered friend: the phoenix. Which, as I’m sure you’re aware, is a symbol of happiness and good fortune in Chinese mythology.

We could all use a bit of that, to be fair…

Not ‘alf. And if you look closely you’ll also see representations of fire, water, earth and air in the design. But even if you’re not particularly into the symbolism of it all, it’s hard to deny it’s a nicer thing to look at than the plain old white Phantom 4 currently available.

So it’s not just limited to the Far East?

We are not sure, you’ll be able to buy one of these in India hopefully but for now we don't know the Indian pricing. If you feel tempted to grab these then its priced at $1,199 in the US which round – that’s a two hundred more than DJI’s standard price for the regular Phantom 4 model, although the latter is often available on offer for a couple of thousand bucks less for those willing to shop around.