Fully Charged: Battleborn delayed, plus Android Marshmallow only on 0.3% of devices

Tech and games news, all wrapped up and delivered this fine evening

Battleborn delayed into May

Gearbox and 2K Games recently revealed that the upcoming Battleborn will have an open multiplayer beta early next year... which seemed like it was cutting things close to the game's release date on 9 February. Well, now we know why.

Yesterday, 2K announced that the MOBA-influenced shooter won't make its original date, instead slipping to 3 May. But since the multiplayer beta is still on track, it won't be too long before we all have a chance to try out Gearbox's follow-up to Borderlands.

[Source: Polygon]

Marshmallow only on 0.3% of devices

Android fragmentation isn't getting any better, as latest operating system version figures were released yesterday. Marshmallow has only been out for a few weeks, granted, but Google says it's only made its way to 0.3% of Android devices. Yes, that's about one-third of a percentage point. Grim!

This week, Apple revealed that 66% of iOS 9-compatible devices are running the latest version of the mobile operating system, but the comparison isn't properly matched up - many of those Android devices will never even get the Marshmallow update. Still, the figures speak to how slowly Android devices get meaningful updates: Only 25.6% of devices are even running some version of Android Lollipop after a year (37.8% are on KitKat).

[Source: Android Developers via Android Police]

Jurassic World sequels plannnd

Jurassic World has been a monstrous hit, earning more than US$1.666 billion worldwide. No surprise, there's a sequel coming. Newly revealed, but also not surprising: a third World entry is also planned.

Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley tells The Hollywood Reporter that director Colin Trevorrow and Steve Spielberg planned it as a trilogy from the start, and that Trevorrow is working on an outline in advance of the planned 2018 release. The first three Jurassic Park films got worse as they went on, but hopefully it'll be the reverse for Jurassic World.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter via Polygon]

The Witcher movie coming

And finally, The Witcher is headed to the big screen as the producers behind The Mummy, The Sean Daniel Company, have picked up the rights to make feature films from the franchise. Like the games, the films (multiple are expected) will be based on Andrzej Sapkowski's beloved novels, and will again star Geralt of Rivia. However, don't expect it to be directly related to the celebrated role-playing games beyond the shared source material.

[Source: GameSpot]