Dyson’s newest suckers will show your floor and room a good time

Advanced technology in vacuum cleaners and air purifiers will woo your every breath

Tripping over cables is a thing of the past.

Dyson’s excitement about the V10 Cyclone is accompanied with confidence in its dirt busting powers that it's officially discontinued further production of its corded models. An improved motor (spinning at a ridiculous 1,25,000RPM) and cyclone tech provide this sucker its suction power. Get ready to discover the original colour of your carpets as it gobbles up all the dust. The 14 cyclones powered by the V10 motor and up to 60 minutes of battery life make this dust-busting magic wand a drool worthy purchase. Priced at ₹44,900, the Cyclone V10 Absolute Pro is a treat for messy floors and worth firing your bai for.


Also launched today is the latest avatar of the Dyson Pure Cool (Advanced Tech Desk model for 36,900 and Tower model for 43,900). With a mix of minor and major upgrades like a digital display and two-stage filtration, the Pure Cool is certain to keep pollen, pollution and harmful gases at bay… in your living environment, at least. The second-gen purifying fan comes equipped with speed and timer controls, a rotating base, and a major additional feature that promises to come in handy during the winter months, is the option to choose the direction of airflow. A second aperture channel that throws air backwards, rather than in your face promises to provide respite. Breathe a little easy and order one of the two models available here.