BookMyShow’s mobile website gets updated for snappier load times

Faster bookings equals happy moviegoers

A conversation that starts in a debate-like fashion on the future of Artificial Intelligence can only lead up to more talk about technology.

That was the course our interaction took with the folks at However, this isn't NASA level, self-driven and satellite-controlled cars kinda tech. Instead, we discussed the understanding of the Progressive Web App.

Though they’re not the first people to use it, given the volume of bookings and traffic on the app and website combined, they are sure to benefit from it immensely. A small tweak in the mobile website has made life simpler for your friendly neighborhood twit. While the basic look, feel and operation of the native website is retained, user experience is enhanced by boosting speeds of the entire process of booking – from start to end. Not everyone has a lightning-fast phone, hence those with low-end phones will reap the most benefits from the new and improved version.


As a consumer of the tech-aided service, we wouldn’t complain about faster load times and a similar interface on the site as well as the app either. Although the BMS app would still be our first choice, those with limited disk space won’t be deprived on the app-like experience.

Besides, if you’re one to realise you’ve exhausted your monthly data limit ‘coz the new season of House of Cards is totally worth your 3G/4G connection while in the cab back from work, the ‘add to homescreen’ option will help you cut down data usage too. You’ve got to economise your data somewhere, right? It allows the mobile website to work on cache memory, hence sparing you the precious bytes that are better consumed by Netflix.