Blizzard Entertainment officially steps into India with e-xpress Interactive as distributing partners

No more over-the-top prices for games by Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re anything like us, then you can’t help but admire what mumbo-jumbo Blizzard do with their titles. All we know is that the game needs to be added to our library as soon as possible. Because addiction comes with dedication.

Previously we’d have to pay more than the actual amount for most Blizzard titles. Cunning little Flipkart sold Overwatch for 5,500 for the standard edition on PC when the actual cost is 3,299 on GamesTheShop. Blizzard hasn’t forgotten us and now we can expect all the titles to sell at the official cost from GamesTheShop website.

Got all the games but still want to rub that all-things-Blizzard itch? E-xpress Interactive might sell more than just Blizzard games. We’re talking about figurines, limited editions, box-sets and other crazy merchandise.

Don’t forget the Overwatch League, though India is not in the top 50 countries to participate for Overwatch League, we’re positive that we ain’t far behind on this chase. E-sports has been a big part of the progress in the gaming Industry in India and we can’t wait for such companies to enter our motherland and nourish it with their gaming richness. Kudos to Blizzard Entertainment and e-xpress Interactive.