BlackBerry’s first Android phone leaks in quite possibly the blurriest photo of all time

The curved screen slider handset with a physical keyboard looks decent (in renders at least)

BlackBerry’s first Android-powered smartphone, the Venice, has cropped up online in a photo which appears to have been captured by a vaseline-covered lens.

The handset has previously been spied in leaked renders which showed off a rather attractive device with a curved Galaxy S6 Edge-like display, and despite the poor quality, the latest photo appears to support the render.

Most of the Venice’s specs remain a mystery, but another shot of the rear camera points to an 18MP sensor.

We’ve yet to see a shot of the Venice’s physical keyboard, which slides out from beneath the screen, but we doubt it's as hideous as the keyboard spotted for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

While existing BlackBerry devices like the Passport supported the sideloading of Android apps, the experience isn’t as slick as running the apps natively.

If BlackBerry can strike the right balance between stock Android and its own productivity tweaks and tricks found in its own OS, then there’s definitely potential in a warm reception for its latest handset - if people are still willing to give it a go, that is.

That’s all the information we have on the Venice for the time being, but we expect more leaks over the coming months, so stay tuned.