beyerdynamic’s Phonum can turn any space into a modern conference room

Probably an accessory we may all need in our backpacks ahead

Beyerdynamic has launched PHONUM and claims that it can turn any space into a perfect conference room.

This little gadget is a wireless Bluetooth speakerphone and connects to smartphones and laptops to provide bidirectional speech transmission. At the heart of this system is the GECKO 360° technology that comprises of the three main components Function, Voice And Sound. While Function sports three modes -- Fix, Follow and 360°, the microphones’ directivity can be adjusted to point in one fixed direction, dynamically follow the speakers or cover the whole room automatically. Sound takes care of the playback audio and consists of a downfire loudspeaker to evenly distribute the sound to the room. Lastly, Voice is taken care by three premium microphones to pick up even the faint voices in the room.

The Phonum also runs on battery (12 hours), can easily be carried around given its tiny form factor and hence can be best used in huddle rooms, hotel rooms, traditional conference rooms or even if you are stuck in traffic in a car.

Sadly, since this is not a conventional BT speaker and uses specialized design, speakers, microphones and GECKO 360° technology, the Phonum won’t come in as cheap. However, given the features and promised performance that businesses can use, and high portability, it seems decently priced at ₹24,999.