Audi turns up the temptation with Augmented Reality

Life-sized scale model

While the physical doors of Audi showrooms might take a while to open, Audi has ensured that its digital strategy allows its fans and potential customers to view their favourite Audi models in the comfort of their homes, using any modern smartphone or tablet.

As simple as logging on to and selecting the Augmented Reality option to conjure up a virtual A8L or Q8 in your own space. Additionally, wannabe owners can use Audi’s new digitally enhanced interaction and touch-free car delivery that allow you to configure every detail and generate a QR code – and a series of subsequent steps later, your Audi could be ready for delivery!

Existing owners can also book a service on the Audi India website and schedule a pick up and drop, get real-time service status updates etc. This isn’t the first digital outing for Audi and it only proves that it takes its Vorsprung Durch Technik tabling seriously.