Apple Watch: 11 things you need to know

4. But the touchscreen isn’t the only means of control

Apple ranks the Watch’s “Digital Crown” as as big a breakthrough as previous innovations like the iPod’s Click Wheel and the iPhone’s Multi Touch interface. You can twist the Crown to zoom in and out of the screen, or press it down to quickly access Siri.

5. It comes with “taptics”

When the Apple Watch gets a notification, it’ll vibrate to alert you. You can then raise your wrist to turn on the screen and view the notification (that saves battery life). There's also haptics to aid input feedback – that's a first for an Apple device, we believe. 

6. It’s a personal messaging wizard

Well, what did you expect? You can reply to messages via dictation, or via an animated emoji, or via an automatically generated response. For the latter, the Watch will give you options based on the content of the message.

You can also use it like a walkie-talkie to chat to other Watch wearers nearby (yes, that is pretty cool). Oh, and you can send your Watch-owning friends little drawings you’ve made on the screen, as well as something very unusual: a “recording” of your heartbeat which they’ll feel thanks to the Watch’s vibrations. Which brings us nicely onto our next point…