All you need is one

Jabra’s Halo Fusion wants to be the only pair of headphones you’ll ever need

Admit it! Life’s no cakewalk and running around or getting about while getting things done on the fly is a huge part of modern-day lifestyle.

If you feel that this, is in fact, one of the main features, you wouldn’t be mistaken. Makes sense, then, to have gadgets that are excellent at multi-tasking. And hence the barrage of smartwatches, tablets and a host of other paraphernalia which defines and enhances your own little ecosystem of gadgetry. More often than not, things don’t live up to their tag of being a swiss army knife of functionality. For starters, you’ve got to have a good pair of headphones, because enveloping oneself in a sonic cocoon of one’s choice is a lot better than listening to the symphony of cacophony, also know as, ‘the daily commute’. And amidst this beautiful experience, the joys of handling calls, should you need to, are just indescribable. Yes, life is that relentless, but we digress.

Jabra claims to be thy saviour, at least for the scenario mentioned above. The new Jabra Halo Fusion is a headset that offers Bluetooth compatibility for handling calls without compromising the audio quality, thereby making sure you enjoy your music on it too. Designed for a comfortable fit meant for an all-day use, it sports a neckband that sits squarely around your neck while a pair of in-ears connected to the neckband weigh in on the audio department. What's more, is that the Halo Fusion is lightweight, at just 21 grams, offers passive noise isolation and boasts of a battery life of up to six hours. From handling calls to controlling your playlist, you can get it all done via the one-touch control buttons found on the neckband. All for a brilliant ₹3799, your little multitasker can now be availed at