A 5K TV? Now just hang on for a minute...

We spot some interesting little (and some not so little) gadgets at the LG Tech Show 2015

Can’t believe our eyes!

Before you start groaning about yet another TV launch, just hear us out – For one, this behemoth of a TV is a massive 105 inches across. But its wide-as-a-continent size isn’t the only thing noteworthy. Nope, what really sets the LG this apart from its big-screen pals is that it’s the world's first 5K TV. But if that’s not enough, here’s a short-and-sweet list of what else you get: Built-in 8MP camera, 150W RMS audio, a 7.2 Harmon / Kardon sound system, Miracast, wireless sound sync, Web OS 2.0, 4K 3D upscaling... Oh, so you want to know the price? Start encashing all yer fixed deposits, 'cos this baby costs a sweet 59,99,900

Behind every Smart TV is...

The OS that makes it smart. And LG reckons the latest version of Web OS (suitable named Web OS 2.0) is the smartest of the lot. It's faster, more responsive, offers plenty of customisation options, and overall, seems rather intuitive and slick to use. Very smart indeed. Now doesn’t it make you feel better about your favourite hobby of lounging about on a sofa and watching TV all through the weekend?

When gamers and stockbrokers agree

LG seems to have achieved the impossible with their 21:9 Ultra Wide monitors – make stuffy stockbrokers, rebellious artists, and gung-ho gamers nod their heads together in appreciation. So what’s the scoop on these? The new range of ultra-wides boast of QHD resolution that should make crosshairs and news tickers sharper, IPS panels for a wide angle of coverage, 99% sRGB coverage for the artsy types, and Thunderbolt 2 connectivity. Bet you can’t wait to stack 'em up into a massive wall of monitors!

The smartwatch matures

One of the most common complaints about smartwatches is that they don’t really look like a real watch. And let’s face it – you don’t use a watch to tell the time (no, that’s a job for that monster of a phone you bought). Watches are jewellery, and you’d expect them to look slightly more polished than the average smartwatch. Sensibly, LG seems to arrived at the same conclusion, and we have to say the new Watch Urbane looks good. A clean, metal casing, with a classic leather strap? Very dapper. Very urbane. Expect this in stores in another month or so, with prices around the 30,000 mark.

The fantastic new G Flex2 brings its pals to the party

This is one Android we’re sure you’ve been hearing about a lot. Well, we got to spend some more time with this curvy phone, and you know what, we're even more in love with it. The 403ppi display is absolutely gorgeous and the 64-bit Snapdragon 810 (it’s the first phone with this particular SoC) inside just overpowers anything you chuck at it. Then there's a 13MP camera with OIS to help you get sharp-as-a-tack snaps and videos even at the end of a rather crazy pub crawl. It’ll be soon on the shelves - with an MRP of 55,000. If that’s a bit too much, you might like to check out the midrange trio expected to trickle into shops over the next few months – Leon (4.5-inch HD), Spirit (4.7-inch HD), and Magna (5.0-inch HD), all with Android Lollipop, 8MP cameras, 8GB storage, and 1GB RAM).




LG’s new widescreen 5K TV might cost as much as an apartment, but if you’ve got the cash to burn and want the ultimate cinematic experience at home, you might just want to give in to the temptation. But even more than the TV and the tasty G Flex 2 (with its amazing camera and the crisp screen), it was the other, less flashy, stuff that we really liked – the upcoming midrange phones should continue with LG’s tradition of great displays, the 21:9 monitors should be of use to a lot of creative professionals (and stockbrokers) and the Watch Urbane is certainly on the right track when it comes to wearable tech – you know, the bit about it not making you look like a cyborg in the wrong century...