5 things you need to know about Xiaomi’s Mi Home

Atithi devo bhava for Xiaomi fans

It’s no surprise that the Indian subcontinent is a big market for Xiaomi. Ahead of its flagship launch - the Mi Mix 2, Xiaomi has opened its doors for the eighth time in India. This time in Mumbai, Phoenix Market City Kurla.

What started out with only online sales has now transitioned to brick and mortar stores. Xiaomi understands the overwhelming demands from India, hence pushing the envelope against recent marketing and sales approaches. So we rounded 5 things you need to know about Mi Home cos’ we’re nice that way.


1) Hands-on experience

Most millennials will buy anything online, even from something as personal as an underwear to a smartphone. But hands-on experiences are the best. Feel that? Lazy people shuddering at the thought of leaving their comfy couches.

As much as we hate moving, hands-on experiences give us a better understanding of our taste in smartphones. Mi Homes are the Mecca of Xiaomi fans willing to come out and get more information on the products.  


2) More than just smartphones

Be prepared to make unplanned purchase decisions. Mi Homes will house every product selling under the Mi banner. Right from excellent affordable smartphones like the Mi Note 4 to their little-known air purifiers and Wi-Fi routers.


3) Sweet and simple

The whole vibe of Mi Homes seems to be inspired from Apple stores. Minimalistic and product centric. There are barely any salesmen, so you can take your own fun time with the smartphones.

Obviously if you need any assistance, the Mi employees are there but none behind your back to force you into buying a product. You’re free to explore products to fit your satisfaction. Better yet, the stores are directly from Xiaomi, cutting off any middlemen or price hikes. Prices stay the same as online.


4) 100 times better

The eighth store in India where fans can come and get a hands-on experience with every latest device selling under the Mi banner is in Mumbai. The other seven Mi Home stores are in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Xiaomi plans to open a total of 100 stores all over India in the next two years.


5) Possibilities of new releases pending from China

Mi Homes will become a pitstop for most Xiaomi products that are going to launch in India. Where the initial Mi Mix had reached our shores nearly six months after the Chinese launch, the Mi Mix 2 just took one month to come here. Xiaomi might increase their product lineup as well.