5 things you need to know about the Moto Z2 Play

Yes, your old Moto Mods will still work

You might miss the massive battery of its predecessor but the Z2 Play has enough cool stuff to keep you happy.

Everyone’s trying to come up with a modular phone that’s a hit but only Motorola seems to have achieved some level of success with its Moto Z line. And here’s what might help them go one better this time around...

Long live AMOLED

As you’d expect (demand?) from a mid-high range phone, the Z2 Play is kitted out with a 5.5in, 1080p AMOLED display. Too bad it’s not a 2K screen, but honestly, it’s still sharp enough and renders text as crisp as can be - you won’t miss 2K unless you absolutely must use the Z2 Play with Google Cardboard.

New mods are on the way

First up, your old mods will still work. And there’re some new mods as well - a new speaker from JBL, for one. But there’s more cool stuff on the way, including (pinch yourself), a game pad Moto Mod, and Style Mods with wireless charging

It’s slim and metal

The Moto Z2 Play loses quite a bit of flab compared to its predecessor and picks up an all-metal build. Yup, no delicate glass back. And it’s pretty light (145g) and slim (5.9mm) although the camera bump does stick out. Unfortunately, the battery’s smaller (3000mAh), but Moto’s TurboPower charging (over USB Type-C) will make for easier on-the-go charging.

The Z2 Play also uses Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 626, which is a faster version of the venerable 625 (a chip known for its all-round expertise and frugal nature). And finally, there’s 4GB RAM (up from 3) and 64GB storage (up from 32GB)

It’s got a nifty camera

A 12MP camera (with large-ish pixels) and an f/1.7 lens? That’s right. The bigger pixel size and wider aperture mean you’ll get better low light images. Meanwhile, there’s laser autofocus and dual pixel focus to make candid snaps even better (or more embarassing). As for selfies, there’s a dual-LED flash to lend some muscle to the 5MP camera.

You’ll love Motorola’s software

Especially if you want an updated version of Android that’s sparkling clean. No fancy animations or unnecessary flourishes that get in the way - just a near-stock version of Android Nougat 7.1.1. But that doesn’t mean Moto’s taking the easy way out - you get tweaks like Moto Actions (gesture-based interaction), Moto Voice (enhanced voice commands) and Moto Display (check notifications without unlocking) which go a long way in enhancing usability.

The Moto Z2 Play lists at ₹27,999 and will be available online at Flipkart (pre-orders on till June 14, with plenty of special offers), but you can also get it from brick-and-mortar stores.