The Pennline All-in-one wallet is perfect for note-keeping and note-taking

It also keeps your cards safe
30 April 2018 / 11:54IST

Thanks to demonetisation, we almost became a cash-free entity almost two years ago. Being short on cash is almost a way of life. Credit cards and the godforsaken Aadhar card has found comfortable housing in our wallets, at a time where still many people go without a roof over their heads. And notepads… let’s not even get from one sensitive subject to another. We’ve lost count of the number of notepads and lunch boxes we’ve misplaced since the time we’ve existed on this planet. There’s nothing we appreciate more now, with Pennline’s All-in-one wallet that packs in all your essentials. It’s got four card slots, two slip in pockets for your monies, a small memo pad and a Pennline mini pen, which means you can afford to forget anything else behind but this. It’s also RFID safe, which keeps your cards theft-proof. The Pennline All-in-one can be bought for 1695 from William Penn online and offline stores.