Nike's new Joyride running trainers will support your soles with tiny beads

Get squishy with it
26 July 2019 / 12:38IST

If you love running, you should probably love the trainers you run in. We're not sure what sneaks you're sporting at the minute, but Nike reckons they'll pale in comparison to its freshly unveiled Joyride running shoes (₹14,995). The fancy trainers use a new cushioning system comprised of tiny beads to create a personalised fit and deliver unparalleled comfort. According to Nike, the TPE beads will match the performance needs of your specific stride and running style, creating a dynamic footbed that offers tailor-made impact protection by forming to your lovely foot slabs. It's like "running on bubbles," apparently, and while we can't vouch for that claim, we have to admit it sounds like a lot of fun.