Jacob & Co’s new 16-Cylinder Bugatti is a hypercar for your wrist

And like all good things in life, it is reserved only for a select few
09 April 2020 / 12:27IST

What’s common between DJ Khaled, Micheal Bay and Leo Messi? Well, they all show off their Jacob & Co timepieces (dare we call them watches) from time to time. Known for their Godfather musical watch, this watchmaker just last year announced its partnership with automaker Bugatti and we are finally beginning to see the fruits of that partnership. Enter Jacob & Co’s Bugatti Chiron 16-Cylinder Tourbillon. As is always with such complicated timepieces, the floating tourbillon takes centrestage and faces the (privileged) owner, but in this case it faces outward. Why would something this beautiful and complex be visible to others? Well, that's solely because there's something better to keep you busy inside. Unlike the first two Bugatti- themed timepieces after the collaboration, the 16-Cylinder is totally inspired by the Bugatti Chiron and features the usual sapphire glass walls that now appear like windows. These, however, let you peep at that mind-blowing 16-cylinder engine inside. That's no makeshift engine in there, but the actual replica of the W16 engine. The engine block is made of sapphire while the miniature pistons and crankshafts are made of metal, cut by CNC machines and hand-assembled, like any hypercar should. The watch features two barrels, one to power the movement while the other barrel brings the engine to life for 20 seconds at the press of a button. Mind you, there are two turbos spinning on the right as well, and the entire mechanism is suspended inside the case with miniature coil springs for perfect cornering. The best part? Well, you don't have to own a Bugatti to buy one and it will cost you less than a Chiron ($280,000)!