Casio G-Shock GM 2100 series adds metal to the super-stylish CasiOaks

03 September 2021 / 13:59IST

How do you make a watch that’s already got watch lovers swooning, exciting again? According to Casio, it is by adding a metal touch. Casio’s G-Shock GA-2100, with its slim octagonal design and digital-analog display, became an instant phenomenon giving rise to the name “CasiOak”. Now, Casio is updating the series with metal bezels and new colourways – black (GM-2100-1A), navy blue (GM-2100-2A), green (GM-2100-3A), and red (GM-2100-4A). Besides the metalhead design, you get the usual G-Shock resistance, waterproofing up to 200m, and battery-life up to three years. The digital-analog display lets you set 31 time zones, five alarms, has a full auto calendar, and double LED light to read in the dark. The watches are available on the company’s website, with prices starting from ₹13,495.