Adidas’s ALPHAEDGE 4D uses light and oxygen to help you run better

3D-print everything
20 November 2019 / 15:37IST

3D-printing is the in thing these days, no matter what product or industry you look at. But Adidas takes things to a whole new level by using good old O2 and light to help you run better. Adidas uses Carbon Digital Light Synthesis, which is science talk for 3D-printing. Priced at ₹27,999, the ALPHAEDGE 4D can help you run better by responding to your movement patterns and your walking style. There’s plenty of data that’s gone into making that midsole with a lattice structure, which has been designed to deliver top performance and stability. This running shoe also cares about you. The reflective design of the upper will ensure that you stay visible on the streets during those early morning runs.