CES 2020: LG’s 8K tellies are smaller and smarter than before

Because just controlling lights isn’t enough
06 January 2020 / 13:33IST

Hunting for 4K content is not difficult as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have a list of exclusives to fancy your preference, but what about 8K? That’s going to be as difficult as streaming it. But technology waits for no one and LG is certainly not a bystander. Channeling eight tellies with 8K resolution at CES 2020, LG says these OLEDs and LCDs are smarter than last year, thanks to the α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI Processor handling AI faff. It has AI Picture Pro processing that identifies, fine-tunes and sharpens faces to produce natural skin tone and clearer facial features. And if you have trouble figuring out what genre does the ongoing Michael Bay movie fall under, worry not, the telly uses a tool called Auto Genre Selection that optimises picture quality depending on the content you’re watching. And this time you can find the right size for your 8K pleasure, from 65in all the way up to 88in. LG’s Signature series will have two new sizes as well – 88OLEDZX and 77OLEDZX.