Let Synology feed your smart TV with content of a lifetime

Also back up your memories on your own cloud
30 January 2020 / 15:06IST

Photos, videos, documents — we generate tons of these each month. And add to that the amount of movies and music we store on our laptops and smartphones. Backing them up online is our only option, but the process is not just slow but pretty expensive too. Synology’s DiskStation DS420j NAS could solve your problem of securely storing data, while being cheaper and faster too. You could also use it to stream your media content to all your devices at home or office, or even when travelling. The DS420j is a 4-bay barebone NAS powered by a 64-bit octa-core processor with 1GB of RAM and a maximum storage possibility of 64 terrabytes. Add to that Synology’s strong and secure operating system, and this can run your own website business right from your bedroom too. Own a couple of surveillance cameras? This baby can also be a CCTV black box for your home or business at just ₹23,999.

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