Savour the silence with this liquid-cooled all-in-one PC

Acer Aspire U27 ditches noisy fans for silent vapour-chamber cooling
28 April 2017 / 13:58IST

You could spend the entire day firing off emails, spending too much money on pointless Amazon purchases, or stalking your ex on Facebook, and the Aspire U27 won't make a sound. Its Acer's first all-in-one desktop PC with LiquidLoop fanless cooling, meaning it can stay chilled without relying on noisy blowers. You still get a full-fat Intel Core i7 inside, though, so you won't be left wanting for power. That 27in, Full HD screen can act as an input for a games console or telly box, and the simple yet slick styling means it'll look great on just about any desk. It's price and availability is TBA.

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