Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ is for the business nerds looking for portability

Seventh heaven
14 January 2021 / 20:10IST

Microsoft’s got the Surface Pro 7+ coming soon to market. It looks exactly like the Surface Pro 7; elegant yet simplistic. The dimensions, display panel, and placement of the ports remain unchanged; however, beneath the surface, it's a different story. Though the display remains the same (12.3-inch PixelSense display), the battery life has been upped so you can be stress-free with up to 15 hours of use (the Surface Pro 7 was rated at 10.5 hours) thanks to a larger 50.4Wh battery and the improved efficiency of the new Intel Core processors. For those with copious amounts of data on their devices the  Surface Pro 7+ comes with a fix: with up to 1TB of removable SSD storage for the Wi-Fi variant and up to 256GB for the LTE variant. The Surface Pro 7+ introduces a removable SSD solution and Microsoft says it is for data retention. You still get the same ports USB-C port + USB-A port + 3.5mm headphone jack, and Surface Connect port, ensuring all your connectivity needs. Meet your favourite workspace all in one place.

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