The world’s smallest GSM phone, the NanoPhone C lets you dial down the smarts

And it does not skip out on the AUX port
14 July 2017 / 12:18IST

Ever feel like getting away from the zeros and ones this smart, fast, digital age has surrounded us with? Ever feel like the golden age of cell phones was before they went supersized. Well, there is good news for you there. The Elari NanoPhone C allows you to get away from the assault of e-mails, social media notifications and those wretched cat videos your gran forwards you every other hour. While most of the annoyances are taken care of by this dumb phone, some essential annoyances still remain, like calling and texting. All this and more, in a package no bigger than a credit card. The Elari NanoPhone C is priced at ₹3940 and is available exclusively on