Eye Luv from Orient Electric is the flicker-free solution to all your lighting problems

Feast your eyes to this shining LED solution for good health
03 July 2019 / 12:18IST

LED lighting isn’t always pleasant. What you can’t see can hurt your eyes. We’re talking about that subtle invisible flicker in LED lights that present in most LED light fittings in our homes, schools and offices. This invisible flicker causes a negative impact on your vision and causes our eyes to strain, headaches and has a horde of other adverse health implications. Forget new smartphones and tablets for some time and pay attention to the light that can save your eyes from harm. Orient Electric’s Eye Luv series of LED lights is here to shine bright and save the day. But mind you –– these aren’t smart.The LEDs are equipped with a new Flicker Control technology that helps reduce harmful invisible flicker that’s present in most LED lights. And these are the lights to consider if you don’t want to be a victim of constant fluctuation. Plus, the LED advantage also helps reduce your electric bills in the process. Available in four variants –– a 9W LED lamp, a 20W LED batten, a 36W recessed panel and 5W moonlight LED downlights. The lights in the Eye Luv range start from ₹300 and goes up to ₹4500. Time to re-do your home lighting, isn’t it?

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