OYO has a home in Goa that’s all about retro gaming

Beer, beach and bowser
21 May 2019 / 14:51IST

If all the WhatsApp groups on your phone discussed about a trip to Goa, none would reach the sandy shores of Anjuna. Especially if you spend all of your weekends with a gaming controller in one hand and the other inside a packet of potato chips. OYO has a home that might convince you to leave the dark confines of your gaming den. The OYO 11707 Home Nostalgic 2BHK (quite a mouthful) has rooms that are a love letter to retro games. Hiding between the quaint lanes of Siolim, we got a chance to peek inside this gem and explore its treasures. Mario, Tetris and Pac-Man could very well urge your WhatsApp group to hop on the next train to Goa. of course, don’t forget to pack the party shorts. If you’re looking to stick around for a few months, (you can, it's got a kitchen) pack those gaming laptops for some LAN parties. You can click the video link below to check out the full tour of the room.

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