Montegrappa captures the spirit of Alessandro Cagliostro with these mystical pens

You’d better be ready for a class act
17 April 2017 / 12:26IST

The history of occult takes form with the latest collection of Montegrappa’s Count Cagliostro to pay tribute to the great Alessandro di Cagliostro. Crafted to depict the mysticism of the 18th-Century legend, these pens sure look mysterious enough to have us search Wikipedia. If the Royal Courts of Europe were intrigued by Cagliostro, the limited edition by Montegrappa invoked our interests too. Available in options of fountain and rollerball, these pens come in two colour options. Piston fed, 18k gold nib and the filigree decoration are crafted with attention to detail. The grid design represents the Tree of Life of the Kaballah- a critical element of the occult arts. Too much mysticism for our tech-powered minds. We’ll sign off by saying that the makers insist you expect no mysticism from the pen. With the price available on request, the Count Cagliostro pens are purely for those who love a little indulgence. Magic is for children!

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