Indian Universities can now take part in the Sony Research Award Program

Sony money
15 July 2021 / 17:19IST

Sony will now be accepting submissions for The Sony Research Award Program from Universities across India. The program provides funding (up to $150,000) for programs researching emerging and innovative technologies in collaboration with Sony’s own research groups. The program is well in its sixth year and comprises two awards –  the Faculty Innovation Award (up to $100,000) and the Focused Research Award (up to $150,000) within three broad subject categories, namely, Information Technology, Devices & Materials, and Life Sciences. The deadline to submit applications is September 15, 2021, and award nominees will be announced around March 2022. You can finally get your hands on a PS5 with that money or maybe get your Byju’s subscription. Jokes aside, please be a peach and send this to anyone who might actually benefit from it in India. You can also follow this link and get more information.

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