Havells Mini Facial Shaver and Hair Straightener are here to replace your salon wali didi

Lockdown or not, you won’t regret buying these handy equipments
09 September 2020 / 16:53IST

Self-care is important – now more than ever! The same goes for self-grooming. While most of us by now have ventured out and got those long overdue haircuts, there’s still some time before we start trusting our neighbourhood salons for weekly appointments for other essential services. The facial shaver for women is a welcome relief for a lot of us who have desperately (and literally) been left hanging by a thread. In the absence of the thread in the past few months, we dread to think what some poor (aka hairy) souls must have gone through. The Havells Mini Shaver (₹1495) and Hair Straightener by Havells (₹1895) are the must-haves in your dresser at all times. Whether it's unwanted facial hair or taming a stubborn mane for the upcoming online PTM for your child’s school, look and feel your best with these styling tools at your disposal. The battery-operated facial tool is perfect for when you skip the salon visit even on a regular day. The pocket mirror will help you clean up even in the backseat of a cab, as well as in the shower with no fuss at all. 

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