Kaspersky ensures the convenience of digitisation doesn’t come at the price of hacking

Cyber security ain’t just for the White House dear folks!
23 May 2018 / 11:39IST

Thanks to the endless number of shows on Netflix, we consider ourselves experts on politics and crime. Ask us to get away with murder and we’ll give you a 101 page tutorial without batting an eyelid. Thankfully endless hours of Netflix and chill can’t teach you the art of hacking. But that’s not denying the fact that Cybersecurity is a very real threat, since everything except breathing has been digitised for our convenience. You may think your personal handheld device is safe, but our dear naive Android owner, the White House isn’t the only target of a cyber criminal. To you, your personal data is as important as documents of national security and threat management is as essential as having a strong password for internet banking. Accurate detection, prevention and correction solutions offered by Kaspersky Lab are the need of the hour for individuals and enterprises. The Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack, Kaspersky EDR and Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services are a critical addition to all your smart devices. The security packages are available in abundance through partner vendors and their website and feel as secure as you would leaving your house after installing the latest security system.