Apple finally launches its AirTag tracker, which makes it easy to locate your misplaced stuff

Don’t be a loser
20 April 2021 / 23:28IST

Head in hands moments don’t come much bigger than realising you’ve lost your phone, an always disastrous incident that Apple went some way to alleviating for iPhone users when it introduced the Find My iPhone app. These days, that app is just called Find My, and it’s the same vast network leveraged by the long-rumoured AirTags, Apple’s new teeny trackers that you can attach to bags, keys, and other non-phone things that you definitely don’t want to lose. The lightweight stainless steel tags have an IP67 water and dust resistance rating and a built-in speaker, much like the Tile trackers we’ve been using for years. Like any modern Apple accessory, connecting the AirTag to your Apple account is as simple as holding it close to your iPhone, and once set up it will appear in a new Items tab in the Find My app. When in Bluetooth range, you can use your phone to play a sound from the AirTag to help you find whatever it’s attached to. When that range is breached, the Find My network - which Apple says is now approaching a billion devices strong - helps you locate it. AirTags can be customised with text and emoji (why not), and a number of accessories, from loops to key rings. Standalone, they’ll cost 3,190 for a single tag and for 10,900 you'll get a pack of four. It will be available to buy from April 30.