Assassin’s Creed Valhalla themed shoes? Yup, thanks to a sweet collab with Reebok.

Never thought we’d type such a headline
22 October 2020 / 20:35IST

Gaming and apparel brands have joined forces before, so Ubisoft’s beloved franchise being pushed into streetwear isn’t a surprise. The recent collab between Levi’s and Nintendo’s Mario left us pulling every dime from our pandemic-struck wallets. And now, we’re greeted with another taste of videogame x fashion brand collaboration. The collection starts from Zig Kinetica (11,999) that gets a new colour variant that resembles or are meant to, the deep black of the Nordic night and the green of the northern lights. There’s also a symbol for Synin on the shoes, a raven that represents a major feature of Norse mythology, and helps key character Eivor on his journey in the upcoming game. The Club C Revenge (6,599) takes the classic design and slaps a ‘Like a Viking’ stitching on the side with twin battle axes on the heel. Meanwhile, the retro-inspired Classic Leather Legacy (6,999)also get a taste of Viking aesthetics. The collection will drop on 7th November. That said, if the shoes are not enough, you can even grab a matching hoodie, cap and socks from this latest collection.