Range Rover unveils its head-turning Velar SUV

Now our heads refuse to go back to normal position
23 January 2018 / 15:17IST

The jazz artists did put up a great show at the launch event but our eyes were fixated on the vehicle behind the veil. Eventually the eyes slowly began to move out of their sockets and eventually ended on the floor as Land Rover India lifted the veil. The Range Rover Velar looks so sporty, so delightful from every angle that it makes most current sedans look like a cardboard box. Everything about the car oozes character, it’s quality craftsmanship (look at those lines hugging its body) mated with high performance (Ingenium engines, Diesel and Petrol) and the very latest tech (Matrix headlamps, twin 10in HD touchscreens), we could keep going on and on. The car will be offered in many variants ranging from the ones that merely empty your bank account (₹78.83 lacs onwards, ex-showroom) to the ones that altogether will have you sell yourself. Rest assured, it will be worth it. Take our mortal word for it.

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