The Porsche Cayenne makes a comeback with an athletic makeover

Porsche took a bet with the Cayenne. 18 years on, it’s still a winning formula!
17 October 2018 / 17:14IST

The third, all-new generation of Porsche’s bestselling car is an important one. It accounts for the majority of sales in the German sports car's pie chart and now for the first time, it will also be available as an E-hybrid model that has a range of 44kms on all-electric power and produces a whopping 462hp with boost strategy, a technology derived straight from the 918 Spyder supercar. The other two variants include the V6 and the V8 turbo, both with power outputs of 340hp and 550hp respectively. The Cayenne now comes with rear-wheel steering, electronic damper system, three chamber air suspension, Porsche Surface Coated Brake and the world’s first adaptive rear spoiler on an SUV. The new 12.3in touchscreen display dominates the centre console and controls all the drive systems. Prices for the new Cayenne start at 1.2cr for the V6 model, 1.58cr for the E-hybrid and 1.92cr for the V8 turbo model.

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