Yamaha ushers in a new range of HT receivers

Lockdown upgrade, anyone?
19 January 2021 / 14:46IST

As the largest music company in the world, encompassing musical instruments, education, live sound equipment and of course, home AV, Yamaha is a name to be reckoned with in the home-theatre world. For 2021, they’ve totally revamped their entry-level AVR range with the introduction of the RX-V6A and RX-V4A. Aesthetics, platform and software architecture, everything is designed from the ground up for these new models. The classic display has been moved to the right on to a high-res LCD screen, flanked by two physical knobs for volume and input selection. All other functions are assigned to touch controls, giving it a sleek and modern appearance, even when the unit is off. High slew-rate amplifier design helps with impulse response while Reflective Sound Control with the help of YPAO and a supplied microphone understands the living space and ensures a more balanced frequency response. It is also made to entertain multiple zones in the house and uses Yamaha’s own MusicCast ecosystem that allows linking other supported speakers around the house or even bring smaller speakers from other room into the main area for use as surround speakers. Even smaller things like HDMI power supplies have been doubled from 150mA to 300mA and future updates like Dolby Atmos Virtualization, HDR10+, VRR, 8K/60 and auto low-latency mode. Currently, the 7.2 channel, 100W RX-V6A will sell for ₹64,490 while the 5.1 channel 80W RX-V4A will retail for ₹47,490.