Envy your neighbours with a Philips soundbar

320 Watts of Dolby Atmos power from four speakers
13 March 2020 / 16:23IST

If you enjoy watching high-definition movies, you must ensure your television has a good audio companion. Even premium large-screen 4K TVs cannot produce enough audio to satisfy anyone, and hence, soundbars help compensate for that missing element. Invest in some good soundbar and your television watching turns into a whole new experience. And if you are looking for some Dolby Atmos capable soundbar on a sweet budget, then the Philips TAPB603 is a good bet. Sporting a 3.1-channel Dolby Atmos system with a wireless subwoofer and a total power output of 320 watts, the soundbar connects to your TV via optical, AUX, HDMI arc or HDMI pass-through apart from USB slot and Bluetooth options. And with a wireless subwoofer, your TV will never have a wire clutter around it. Now all you need to ensure is your TV should be a good compatible companion for this audio performer. Interested? Get one for your TV at ₹31,990.