Aquacentric’s new therapy centre is an ocean full of healing and relief

water everywhere and all of it to heal!
18 February 2019 / 18:03IST

Our bodies are made up of the natural elements found in the atmosphere, most of it is water, the other is fat. Jokes aside, what if water could heal you? It takes a little bit of knowledge, years of education and the core strength of Aquaman to manipulate water, but the folks at Aquacentric are neither Moses, nor Aquaman. They are Doctors, Physiotherapists who wield the magic of Aqua Therapy specialising in Orthopaedics, Neurology, Paediatrics and Women’s Health Care. They also have an advanced therapy focused at kids which includes treatment with virtual reality games and other fun props in a room that resembles nothing like a traditional physiotherapy centre! Aquacentric provides therapy to anyone suffering from a minor slipped disk to Parkinson’s. But what if you suffer from a different kind of pain? Something that manifests in the mind rather than the body. Aquacentric tends to your unsettled mind as well through the Aqua Relaxation Therapy, in which they attach floats to your body, ask you to shut your eyes and relax and then you are moved around the pool in set patterns that are designed to relax your brain and calm your anxiety. We tried this and it really works! You feel like a baby floating in outer space and the calm ambient music will surely put you to sleep, like it did to us. All it takes is a single session to feel one with yourself and slow down time. So if you need some buoyant therapy go book an appointment here and when you’re there, follow Mr. Lee’s advice and be like water my friend or at least float in it, you will thank us.

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