You’ve got another game coming. Meet Judas Priest’s new app

The metal gods are deliverin’ the goods to an iPhone near you
25 July 2017 / 13:49IST

Pinch yourself, metalheads. And then take a deep breath. Nope, this is not a cruel joke designed to spoil your Wacken experience. Legendary metallers Judas Priest have a new game out. Titled ‘Judas Priest: Road To Valhalla’, this iOS app features imagery and audio clips from some of Priest’s most famous songs (in this writer’s opinion, that’d be all of them). It’s a music game, so you’ll be creating full songs by combining ‘music stems’ (isolated channels from a recording) to advance to the next level. Now go install the game while we rock the heck out to a classic Priest album.