Suhail throws a hail mary to cricket fans this IPL season

SuperCric is the newest cricket manager in town
22 September 2020 / 15:12IST

Are you ready to put your cricket intelligence and judgement against the traditional knowledge of teams? Can you outsmart Rohit or MSD on the field is the real question? The Simulation tool has been built with an AI-powered proprietary cricket simulator based on real historical match data worldwide. Cricket fans can now put on their Captain's hat and see how each choice they make in the game has an implication on the outcome of the match. By testing their choices and gauging the possible outcomes through this tool, fantasy players have an opportunity to widen their chances of winning bigger in their fantasy games this IPL. SuperCric is not a fantasy platform but an ideal tool for fantasy gamers to make smarter choices and provide them with the probability of a win with 90% accuracy rate. It is the brainchild of ex-cricketer and IPL presenter Suhail Chandhok and husband-wife entrepreneurial duo of Arvind Sivdas and Dhanya Param, who also co-own Kabaddi Adda.