The word ‘Lite’ will surely entice geeky health freaks.

In the food world, ‘Lite’ means products which contain lesser amounts of calories and fat. And in Fitbit’s world, Lite means lesser features and smaller price, but it still manages to keep you fit.

Over here, Fitbit wants you to believe you’re getting the same Versa experience, but without the extra fluff and jazz at a slightly lower cost. If you compare the price with other Fitbits, this fits in just in between the Charge 3 and the Fitbit Versa.

Now we’re not claiming to be Mr. Know it all, but if you’re on the lookout for a good looking watch with a screen, smart enough to keep you fit instead of a shelling a bomb for a fancy gym membership, you can start reading right away.

Design and build: Body, bands, bosh

Like the name suggests, the Versa Lite isn’t lighter than the Versa, but it’s just as light (38gms) and quite comfy to wear on the entire day and overnight.

If you’re a keen observer, you’d have noticed that the Versa has three physical buttons, where as this one has just one. That single button can do two things - toggle the display on or off, long press to fire up music controls, on-device notification and auto-brightness toggles.

Apart from that bit, it looks and feels just like the Versa if you place them side-by-side.The metal body is premium looking and comes in four different interchangeable colour bands to choose from (Mulberry, Charcoal, Lilac, Marina Blue and White). Although, we still can’t get over how chunky those bezels look in real life. But, if you’re smart like us, slap on a black watch face from the app and you’ll forget about it. Voila.

Screen and interface: Does my bezel look big in this?

Now we know you’d prefer an OLED screen, but Fitbit decided to keep the same crispy 300x300 LCD display on the Versa Lite like the original Versa. You can’t watch a video or view photos, but it’s sharp and bright enough to use and look at while working out or just for casual scrolling. Sure, you’d spot a few missing pixels if you stick your face into the watch though.

Viewing the display under sunny skies, moonless nights or under your home ceiling is completely fine. You can always customise the display at three level of settings (dim, max or auto).

Features: Train, eat, sleep, repeat

All you health freaks, this is the part where the word ‘Lite’ kicks in.

Compared to the Versa, the Lite misses out tracking floors climbed (elevation), tracking swimming laps/strokes, offline music storage, Fitbit Coach’s on-screen workouts and Fitbit Pay’s contactless payments. Booo.

Don’t lower your head yet, the Versa Lite still rocks the best of the bigger sibling’s features. It’s got an accurate heart-rate monitor which automatically tracks exercises (walking, running or biking etc) and monitors sleep patterns with a detail summary to compare. You can also add a calorie counter and water intake if you care enough to.

Aren’t convinced yet? It’s equipped with a pair of floats and safely dives in upto 50m deep and if you’re a lady, you can track of ‘Aunt Irma’ visiting every month also.

Moreover, you can always download third-party apps like Nike, Strava, Air Quality and Pollution, Spotify HR, Uber, Gym Genius, Philips Hue, Flappy Wings, Ping Pong, EatSlow and much more to keep you happy and distracted.

If you’re still cranky about it not tracking your floors or storing music, you can always splash that extra ₹4k and go for the original Versa.

Battery and connectivity: Oh so Juicy

The Apple Watch Series 3 lasts for about 2 days on a single charge. What about this one? Borrowing the same battery from the Versa, this manages to last four full days with continuous activity and sleep tracking, smartphone notifications and application usage - that’s great for a smartwatch!

There’s no low-power saving mode, but turn off a few settings and it’ll manage to pull off another day. Once it hits low battery, charge it up using Fitbit’s charging cradle and within 2-3hrs you’re good for the next four days.

Apple fans, attention please. Since Apple’s so stuck up with its privacy, it doesn't give Fitbit full control over replies and what not. However, if you’re an Android user, you can quickly reply to texts right from the watch if you’re in a movie or middle of a workout.

Although, there were a few niggles we had with the connection and sometimes we’d not receive notifications right to our smartwatch. Make sure it’s always connected to Bluetooth to get the full blown Fitbit experience.

Stuff says... 

Fitbit Versa Lite review

The Versa Lite keeps tracking fun, simple without the extra geeky calories
Good Stuff 
Sharp, bright screen
Great battery life
Fun, solid build
Four colour band options
Bad Stuff 
Chunky bezels
iOS has a few niggles with it
Slight connectivity issues
Could be a tad cheaper