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Which of the week's many gadgety goodies have made you most excited?

Another seven days have passed in the fast-moving world of gadgets, and that means we’ve got a week’s worth of new reviews to sift through.

So, what were the reviews that most piqued our readers’ interests? Well, we've got the full lowdown on Apple's latest MacBook Air, along with our in-depth impressions of Canon's newest entry level DSLR. Battleborn and the rather charming Egz also proved to tickle your fancy.


A lack of a Retina Display in the newest MacBook Air makes for a rather poor show from Apple, especially if you’ve been waiting to upgrade your aging Air after all these years. Still, a 12 hour battery and bumped up specs might not be anything to sniff at if you’re hankering for an upgrade.

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Battleborn is a multicoloured chaotic title with various acronyms littered throughout its DNA. It blends FPS and MOBA mechanics, with elements of tower defence strategy, making for an explosive, frantic, and overall very fun romp. The multiplayer is where it really shines, mind.

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3. CANON EOS 1300D

Canon’s entry-level DSLR wants to tempt you away from your trusty compact and smartphone, and in some ways it does just that, thanks to a tempting price tag and Wi-Fi smarts. But do its shortcomings, coupled with solid similarly-priced alternatives, make it a write off?

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4. EGZ

This is not an egg timer app. Nor is it a puzzle game in which you have to put various Humpty Dumpty-like creatures back together again. Instead, it’s an Angry Birds-like puzzler, except you’re flinging around fragile, round little creatures called Egz. Mess up too often, and they’ll crack. Time everything perfectly though, and you’ll be rewarded with a warm, fuzzy sense of achievement.