Round-and-round the world on the legendary Breitling DC-3

The 77-year-old out to make a world record

Calling Nagpur. Over. Calling Breitling. Over. Calling Stuff India. Over.

Roger that? Yes? Attaboy!

To our motor and aviation-enthusiast minds, Nagpur is usually an offline city for us, until Breitling happened! Racing machines or flying machines – our love for both keeps us from being biased; being part of the historic trip around the world marked a position for Stuff in the books of aviation history.

We find ourselves on-board the 1940 Douglas DC-3, fully restored and pumped up by Breitling to fly around the world, well, in much more than 80 days. Wouldn’t expect a retired man with a non-functional kidney to run the marathon, would ya? No tom-foolery here – the DC-3 is currently on an ambitious journey around the globe. A toast-worthy accomplishment, for sure, and the pit stop at Nagpur gave us direct access into the heart of this merry old soul.