My Gadget life - Chris Gayle

He’s Universe Boss who lives a gadget-free life in 2018. We wonder how…

Spend five minutes with Chris Gayle and you’d be laughing your guts out...thinking to yourself, “this giant of a man doesn't take things seriously…” But of course, you know how seriously he takes his cricket. More so, we were blown to see his 'Poker Face.' He does take that seriously. We caught all the action at the recently concluded Adda52’s Deltin Poker Tournament Colossus in Goa.

Besides Poker, I don’t play any other mind games. I keep away from downloads and other mobile phone games. My only download is music.

I love both Playstation and XBox, but my favourite game is Call of Duty. I love shooting games.

I always have headphones in my backpack while travelling. It’s Chris Gayle brand, no other (laughs).

I am a serious Poker player (shows us his Poker face).

My biggest splurge in recent times has been a phone. Nothing too fancy, but you’ll find a Benz and a Bentley in my garage…

At the moment i don’t have a playlist… just random music… caribbean and reggae music.

I live a gadget-free life. No AI assistant for me…

I used to play Poker with fellow cricketer Ashoke Dinda earlier. Now, he has retired from cricket and plays Poker professionally now.

Don’t ask me about my biggest loss… I never lose in Poker — I'm always a winner!

My legs are... the most advanced fitness gadgets I use.