When the lockdown was announced, no one knew it would enter 4.0 phase. But there are a few too many cities that will experience even 5.0 ahead.

However, while most offices are still functioning from the employees’ home, there are a lot many who will have to rush for a few hours. Nevertheless, working all day is probably not as easy and you need a bit of entertainment to relax those fingers. So instead of moving them on the keyboard, try to relax them on the remote and grab yourself some popcorn, coz we will tell you a few ways to kill that lockdown boredom with a few crime shows that you shouldn’t give a miss.

Criminal Justice (Hotstar)

Not recent, but should not be ignored either. This is a story of an innocent cab driver who gets caught up with a murder of a young woman after being engaged in a one-night-stand with her. The story revolves around how the cops take him in without proper investigation and how a thug lawyer leaves aside his fees to rescue the little chap, just because his heart said he was innocent. Spoiler: Jackie Shroff becomes his godfather in jail.

Illegal (Voot Select)

Two high profile cases, a battery of high-power legal eagles and the number 1 law firm of the country will keep you guessing what’s going on. The intense, racy legal drama questions whether all lawyers are mercenaries or can some resist the lure of greed, ambition and power. The legal battle on hand and an old love story twist and turn around, unravelling the courtroom battle. This is a story of how the truth is twisted, and how a criminal behaves innocent.

Asur (Voot Select)

This is a weird story of a child who is said to be born a demon and is on a spree to kill a few who harmed his childhood. Imprisoned in his early teens, this dude grows up to take revenge by playing with the minds of more criminals he meets in jail. A thriller you must watch, and it will keep you guessing till the end of the second-last episode.

Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega (Netflix)

This one is a story about two young men who are busy with a phishing scam in a village named Jamtara. Sunny and cousin Rocky, together with a few friends, dupe people as their daily business. The story takes a twist when their scam catapults into limelight, and as they go along, they are joined in by a corrupt cop and politician. Too much told, this one is a must watch on your night-binging list.

Pataal Lok (Amazon Prime Video)

Another story of a lowdown cop who gets engrossed with a high-profile case. A bunch of criminals are roped in before they gun down a well-known TV journalist, and are termed as terrorists and ISI agents. However, when the local police loses the case to the CBI, the cop doesn’t give up as he sniffs something amiss. Trailing the criminal mastermind down to his roots and early childhood, the story of Pataal Lok is how he cracks the case to prove the CBI wrong.