Legend of the Mustang

Calling the Mustang a pony car makes as much sense as dubbing a nuke a ‘firecracker’.

With 8 cylinders of American muscle rumbling away fiercely, the Mustang GT isn’t a cuddly pony, it’s a veritable fire-breathing wolf.

A big, brash, and bold wolf that’ll blow your socks off the instant you step on the gas. But it’s also the ultimate icon of Americana, with a glorious lineage and a rich heritage that’s wrapped in red, white, and blue. So quickly gobble down that apple pie and join us as we pay homage to the ultimate muscle car.



The cult of the Mustang defies explanation. Pick a place on the map, no matter how out of the way, and you’ll find a fan who can’t stop talking about why it’s the best car ever made.

And it’s a cinch that every argument in favour of this statement will eventually come down to a simple ‘Just look at it!’. And that’s it. The Mustang fan has won. Whether it’s a classic pony or a modern-day, geeked-up-to-the-hilt Mustang, one thing has remained constant: They’re all utterly gorgeous. See for yourself…


‘78 Cobra

The Mustang II debuted in 1974 - smaller, less powerful and without a V8 option. Blame it on the  oil crisis years! The V8 did come back a year later, but the ‘70s, on the whole, proved to be less than kind to the ‘Stang.


‘83 Convertible

The ‘Fox Body’ years (1979 onwards) saw the Mustang lose its distinctive styling for an altogether more generic (boring?) look. Still, the convertible came back in 1983, so we can’t complain all that much!


‘96 Cobra coupe

The fourth generation Mustang arrived in 1994. It might not have been anything spectacular to look at, but with design cues that harked back to the classic years, it did give us an inkling of what was yet to come.


‘08 convertible

A near-perfect blend of modern and retro design cues, the all-new 2005 Mustang was, for want of a better word, best described as ‘lustworthy’. Yes, the pony car was finally back as a bedroom pinup favourite.

‘17 Ecoboost

The sixth-gen Mustang showed up in 2015, taking the retro-futuristic styling a step further. Leaner, meaner and greener than ever before, the latest generation of ‘Stangs are thoroughly fast - and thoroughly sexy.



Games and collectibles



Forza Horizon 3 (₹3,999): The legendary Forza heads Down Under. Gorgeously detailed and has loads of souped-up ‘Stangs? Perfect, we say.

Asseto Corsa (₹3,499): It’s not a game. It’s an insanely moddable and customisable racing sim. Yeah, you’d better be serious for this one.

Greenlight 1968 GT (₹5,995): Make some space on your desk or go vroom-vroom on the sofas as you relive the magic of Bullitt’s car chase scene with this diecast ‘Stang. It’s got doors and a hood that opens, and even comes with a teensy Steve McQueen figure!

Best served with a side of denim and rock n' roll

From the growl of its all-American V8, to its menacing and impossibly timeless looks, the 'Stang really is the ultimate crowd pleaser. But to judge this legend only on its strengths as a GT car would be rather unfair. After all, there are few things which make you feel as special. Even to merely set your eyes upon a Mustang (doesn't matter if it's a new one or a classic) transports you to another dimension. So what do you do if you ever lay your hands on one? Simple, go don some vintage denim, put on your Ray Bans, turn the volume up to 11, and get ready to rock n' roll the American way!