Christmas Gift Guide 2017: 18 gadgets and presents for cyclists

Perfect presents for pedal-powered sorts

Two-wheeled whizzkids generally love nothing more in life than their road-rolling runaround.

That makes buying them a Christmas gift a tricky business: trying to find them a replacement for their much-loved pedaller is like a pot-holed path to purgatory.

Instead, accessorise. Let them keep their wheels as you supply them with every possible light, lock, jacket and, of course, coffee table cycling companion.

Best of all, fitting up your fitness-insistent friend with brilliant bolt-ons means they'll spend most of the day in the garage - so no more protracted discussions about the benefits of carbon cross-beams and the mighty shaved leg.

*Additional words:  Khumail  Thakur

At the Edge: Riding for My Life (₹374)

Any crazy cyclist will know who Danny MacAskill is. The guy who cycles off cliffs, building terraces and anything where you wouldn't even dare to walk.  

Those viral YouTube videos are so nerve-wracking that you'd want to know what goes on inside the head of Danny himself. This book is about Danny's life, right from his childhood to crowning his respected title of being the most daring cyclist in the world.

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Lista Adjustable Bicycle Bottle Holder (₹220)

Rather than lopping an inch or two of the drops, a new bottle holder is a 5-minute upgrade.

Adjustable and easy to install, it's better to carry your own bottle rather than go hunting for the next convenience store.

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Aftershokz Trekz Titanium (₹11,999)

Bass beats make the wheels go round. Ok, so legs and carbohydrates might also have something to do with it, but a good tune or two can make all the difference on a thrashing run to your next PB.

And these sweat-repelling music-makers do just the trick: delivering mini-vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner-ear might sound a bit Frankenstein, but it leaves your big flaps free to pick up the shouts and horns of riders and road users beside you.

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Being Human BH 27 e-cycle (₹57,577)

A few months ago, we got excited over the rumours of Salman Khan’s brand ‘Being Human’ entering into the world of smartphones. But it was rather cycles. E-cycles, just to be sure.

The e-cycle works on a rechargeable battery and sports an accelerator so you can dash home faster. Of course, you can pedal your way back, but heck, this thing can zip across traffic pretty quick thanks to that 250W DC motor in the rear hub.

You can check out our full review here.

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PDW Shiny Object CO2 inflator (₹4,826)

We hate punctures: summer days spent coasting through the countryside, blighted by those fiendish bushy bristles. It’s the pits.

But now, when you’re in the pits, you can show those thorns who’s boss with the ultimate in re-inflation kit. Indestructible alloy wrapped in leather, PDW’s ultra-shiny Co2 fast-filler not only looks the bicycle business but will see your rubber right back on the road in next to no time.

Buy the PDW Shiny Object CO2 inflator here

Decathlon Bike lock 100 (₹289)

Got a shiny new cycle to zip around the locality? Sadly you can't leave it unattended. You might never know when the infamous chappal chors might switch their liking.

Decathlon bike lock is a simple solution to lock your bike before leaving it unattended. 

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Lista Bike Horn And Light (₹599)

Ditching your spirit friendly Saturday night for sweat-inducing circles of Marine Drive? Better equip yourself for the night then.

The Lista light will illuminate your pathway using AAA batteries. It's 2-in-1 so you can scare unaware sleepy heads with 140dB super loud horn as well.

Buy the Lista bike horn and light from here

The Attic Cycle Wheel Bar Stool (₹7,440)

If there’s one thing we don’t enjoy about cycling, it’s leaving our two-wheeled obsession at the door.

Thankfully, bike-mad beer-lovers no longer need to do so with this Attic Cycle Wheel bar stool. Ideal decoration for the surfaces of street-cycling supremos, they’re the perfect match for hipster fixies with their retro-rim style.

The design uses solid mango wood for the top and iron for the wheels. No, the pedals don’t turn. You really don’t want to cycle while sipping some.

Buy the Attic Cycle Wheel Bar Stool here

Quad Lock Out Front Mount (₹3,885)

Whether your cycling friend has a Strava obsession or a habit of getting horribly lost, they’ll appreciate this handlebar phone mount. Compatible with Quad Lock’s iPhone cases (Android fans can use its Universal Adaptor instead), it safely locks smartphones just in front of your handlebars for easy map-reading.

Flip the mount around and it’ll hold your phone in the slightly less precarious spot over the stem, while a bundled spacer means it can fit both 31.8mm and 25.4mm handlebars.

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