10 podcasts for the pod life

Strap up and strap in...

While being confined in our pods we like to call home can be great for introverts, it takes its toll on us regular folk.

Here are a few podcasts that should help you get through these tough times. Strap up and strap in as these induce laughter, thrill, coping, upliftment and the most important of all – love.


Creepy, mysterious and absolutely gripping, Blackwood revolves around three teenagers who started an investigation into a local legend called the Blackwood Bugman. The investigation quickly goes out of their control as they uncover the morbid reality they’re after. The casual realistic dialogue, gripping storyline and relatable characters with some of the best sound design we’ve heard in a while makes Blackwood a treat for those into horror mysteries. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and you will bite your nails! Listen at your own risk. 

Sleep With Me

The Blackwood Bugman keeping you up? This podcast combines the pain of insomnia with the relief of laughing that turns into something unique and funny. Drew Ackerman's stories on the show are inspired by his childhood as the oldest of six children and past jobs as a fuzzy dice and iron-on patch salesperson, fruit fly monitor for the State of California, and librarian for one of the largest jails in the country. Through Sleep With Me, Drew has dedicated himself to help those who feel alone in the deep dark night and just need someone to tell them a bedtime story.

Staying in with Emily and Kumail

Trapped in their house like everyone else, this power couple starts a podcast. Not new to the world of isolation, Emily suffered a condition that required her to self isolate from time to time as it left her immunocompromised. With isolation experience on hand, this couple shells out the tips for life indoors, managing the anxiety that comes with it, the arguments that ensue and all the making up to do. Both of them are writers who work from home, so content is king here and her past experience as a therapist helps the case. They plan to distribute all the profit from the show to help those affected by the virus by donating it to several charities. 

Modern Love

Love, loss and redemption, Modern Love is special as it features celebrities performing their true and personal stories revolving around the subject. Each week is a different story narrated by an actor and almost all of them are very relatable no matter the experience you’ve had with love. Some of them are sure to leave your heart soar and make you wince. Every episode shares a beautiful and unique perspective of love in all its glorious forms and touches upon different human emotions, reminding us that we are all connected and we will all be okay.

SuperSoul Conversations

Thought provoking, enlightening and massively enjoyable, SuperSoul Conversations comes straight from the woman we all love and cherish the most – Oprah Winfrey. The podcast breaks the barriers that society has placed on spirituality as Winfrey walks through the lives and experiences of famous people.  Everyone from movie stars, poets, doctors and even Michelle Obama feature on it to give your soul a refresh and an overall wider, stronger outcome of life as it is and beyond.

Where Should We Begin

From intellectual observation to emotional present, Where Should We Begin follows New York’s renowned psychotherapist Esther Perel as she delves deep into the intimate lives of couples. Issues such as infidelity, sexlessness, lack of affection are all explored by Perel and heard through the raw, intimate and profound renditions of the guest couple. Perel charts her way and draws a map of intimacy, artfully showcasing her prowess as a therapist and transforms the podcast from being a comfortable narrative to an emotional truth.  

The Overthink Tank

Overthinkers are a different breed and if you’re anything like Surbhi Bagga, you need to tune into The Overthink Tank. A comedian at heart, Surbhi’s show revolves around overthinking about a topic with a fun guest. Everything from dating etiquette to AI is discussed and pondered upon with fun guests and fellow comedians like Kenny Sebastian, Abhishek Upmanyu and Urooj Ashfaq bringing in the chuckles with their own stories that seamlessly integrate with the topic of discussion. Bagga and her guests cover everything and overthink everything, so that you don’t have to. 

99% Invisible

What started as a collaborative project between San Francisco public radio station KALW and the American Institute of Architects in San Francisco is now a behemoth of a podcast with almost 400 episodes, each focusing on the often overlooked and salient aspects of architecture, design and activity in the world. Tune in and listen to award winning producer Roman Mars interview top designers and architects around the world and bring to the foreground the side of architecture and design that is most often ignored. Topics range from architectural history, infrastructure, objects, cities and even sound and technology, each bringing a fresh perspective to the listener. 

My Dad Wrote a Porno

We don’t really have words to describe this one. Reading his dad’s dirty book to the world one chapter per episode, show host Jamie Morton along with James Cooper and Alice Levine react and run commentary on Morton’s father’s writing, which is sure to make you laugh out in a cringeworthy fashion. Belinda Blinks is the name of the devil book written by Morton’s father who goes by the pen name of Flinstone. These are genuine erotic books and some of them are also available as e-copies, but we prefer listening to the podcast and Morton’s absolute hilarious take on them as he learns about his father’s raunchiness.


You know a podcast is worth its salt when it turns into a show on Amazon Prime. Homecoming centres on a caseworker at an experimental facility, her ambitious supervisor and a soldier eager to rejoin civilian life. It features talented voice actors like David Schwimmer, David Cross, Amy Sedaris and others who do a great job developing the characters as they create a veil of mystery surrounding a facility that is supposed to ensure the progress of reintroducing soldiers back home. If you have an Alexa Device, you can simply play it on there and listen while you sit at the edge of your seat and visualise the scenes unfolding in your head. Yup, it’s that good.