WTFriday: Hear the entire Star Wars theme on pipe organ... played by one man

Start your day right with this epic symphony of one

The Star Wars Symphonic Suite is impressive enough on its own, but watch it played on a pipe organ by just one person and the experience is almost religious. To put things in perspective, the original theme was played by an entire symphony orchestra.

It’s a long video, but for the most fanatic of Star Wars fans, those 6 minutes will fly by as you watch Jelani Eddington's fingers float across the keys of his almost sci-fi Sanfilippo Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ.

Towards the end, as the camera pans out, you start to notice his surroundings. Who is this man? Where is this place? Why is he playing the pipe organ alone on a rotating platform? So many unanswered questions, and there you have it - the WTF part of WTFriday.

Source: Sploid

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